What’s On

OCTOBER 30, 11-12 & 1:30-2:30

Join Miss Hughes for the horrors of the Victorian classroom:
lining up in silence to the ringing of the hand bell;
hearing the swish of the cane wondering who will get it next;
thinking ‘Will anyone wear the Welsh Not or the Dunce’s cap today?’ and if so, will it be you?

All this and the Three R’s, the singing of tonic sol-fah, copperplate handwriting with slate pencils on slate boards – right-hand only please – and a truly terrifying Victorian school teacher too!

This is a presentation in English packed with information, stories and lots and lots of exciting experiences from Victorian times.  You and your children will love it.

Don’t be late for Miss Hughes!


St Kentigern Lantern Walk
October 23, 5-7pm, £5

Lantern-Walk-2016-PosterBodelwyddan Castle Trust is proudly supporting St Kentigern's Hospice to host their Lantern Walk. For children of all ages! The walk will start at 5 p.m. The lanterns will be provided to the children beforehand so that they can be decorated and prizes will be awarded for the best. The lanterns will then be used to light their way as the participants embark upon the walk. As this is a fundraising event we will be encouraging them to raise sponsorship for the hospice.

For registration please click here to visit the St Kentigern Hospice website.



Paranormal events at Bodelwyddan Castle

Paranormal events at Bodelwyddan Castle

 Winter paranormal events

Saturday 22 October - Shriek for Stroke - 9pm to 6am.  Charity fundraising event.  Click here to find out more and book your place.

Saturday 29 October - Hallowe'en Ghost Hunt - 9pm to 3am.  Click to book online.

Saturday 10 December - Winter's Night Ghost Hunt - 9pm to 3am. Click to book online.

Saturday 17 December - Christmas Ghost Hunt - 9pm to 3am. Click to book online.

Take part in an investigation guided by our expert, in-house paranormal team. After a lights-on guided tour we dim the lights and the paranormal investigation begins. Using a paranormal tool kit complete with dowsing rods, EMF meters, motion sensors, glass divination, table tilting and more, you will investigate a number of rooms, including the cellar. Nothing on this event is fabricated.  Drinks refreshments provided.
Suitable for adults age 18+.  £40pp (plus an Eventbrite booking fee).

How to book:
Some events are available as online booking only.  For enquiries or other ticketed events, our Bookings & Information team are available 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.  Call us on 01745 584060 or e-mail enquiries@bodelwyddan-castle.co.uk.